Mounted hi-rise handlebars on the Huffy bike I'd bought for $45 on Craigslist a few days ago. The handlebars were less than $20 each (we bought two) on eBay, and I already had some new brake cables from when I had planned to do this same thing to my old bike. I reused the rear cable for the front, and used pieces of the old casing, and even the end crimps, so didn't have to buy anything extra. However, I mounted the shifters down low on the handlebars, so if I want those raised also, I'll have to shell out some more dough. For now, just having the weight off my hands is good enough. And if this gets stolen, it won't hurt so much as if I'd bought another recumbent.

I'm drinking the last pint of my coffee ale. It didn't come out very good; the cidery sourness of all the high-temp ales I've been making just don't go well with the coffee flavor. And I've got nothing else in the pipeline right now, because Burning Man is coming up soon. I'll have to see what's on sale locally, or stick to wine; I've got plenty of Blueberry Pinot Noir and that nasty Foxhorn Shiraz.

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