Cops slowed down at the crosswalk by McNear's today, but wouldn't stop, and I yelled at them. They thought it was funny. They set a great example for other motorists, NOT.

I'm thinking #OccupyWallStreet is the roaring river, the new current, that Daniel Quinn was talking about in Ishmael. Planning on starting an #OccupyPetaluma today, by posting on Aqus's FaceBook wall.

Finally got my newboot.nasm booting all the way, on Qemu, Bochs, and real hardware. Qemu only shows about the top 1/3 of the screen, though, and Bochs shows black in the top 1/3 and white at the bottom. I added a register dump at each instruction using the trap flag, a visible stack (by placing it in the video hardware's memory map), automatic video mode detection, and ability to boot from a USB drive partition. I'm not going to try and keep up with any more arrayforth releases, just branching it at af-35f-g144a12-PD. I still have to add the serial port initialization, but that can be done in upper RAM, doesn't need to be in the bootblock. And then I can copy the 2nd block into low RAM and use it for mode-switching with the 16-bit code selector I added to the GDT. Then can follow reads and writes using BIOS calls. Some things might not work with this bootblock, I don't have any kind of unit testing.

Can't remember if I mentioned, but INT instructions don't clear the trap flag, as I misunderstood. It only clears it during the interrupt.

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