After driving the 2nd leg of the trip yesterday, I lay back in the seat and covered my eyes; I could still see the road going under me, as if I were flying a foot or so, face down, above it. But only flying about 3 to 5 MPH. Makes me wonder if William Gibson's theory of jet lag is really true. I've experienced this many times before; sometimes instead of road I see what looks like vegetation.

Picked up an old Linksys WRT54G at the thrift store in Red Bluff yesterday, $10. This can be the first core router of the Petaluma unternet.

I'm thinking static routes for the 1:: ipv6 addresses, sending packets north, east, west or south according to Tony Hain's draft spec; say a packet destined north would have the lowest-cost route to the north, higher metric to the west, even higher to the east, and highest to the south. What happens though if the only route available, is to the same direction that the packet came from? I can't remember how the IP layer deals with that stuff.

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