Interesting day today. Hung out on the corner of Howard and Western with the Mexicans, and am starting to see how it works. A car, truck, or van pulls up, and the closest people run towards it, and one starts talking to the prospective employer. Others run up and crowd around, and if the employer wants more than one person, people push forward and usually the pushiest get in. But it's all quite peaceful though a bit chaotic. Nobody made me feel unwelcome and most were downright friendly. Maybe next time I'll be a little pushier myself and get some work.

Anyway, got home and on Facebook, and a friend was about to give up on finding her documents after a Windows 7 restore. So I went over, changed the Folder Settings to show all the hidden stuff, and then Windows no longer lied and said her folder was empty when it wasn't. I got paid in potatoes, onions, and a plug on her Facebook page.

On the way over, I took the hill route, and there was actually a deer on the deer path between Hayes Lane and B Street. It stood and looked at me for a few seconds and then took off.

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