As the US continues challenging Hitler's Nazis for being the worst terrorist organization the world has ever seen, it's long since time for the international community to cut off ties to the US government. Doing so will be the best thing you could do for the people of the US, who are, like the rest of the world, victims of our government's actions against people, against the environment, against life on earth as we know it.

The sooner our allies abandon us, the UN castigates us, the world as a whole vilifies and alienates us as a nation, the better off the average, beer-drinking, fun-loving, open-minded world citizen will be, in America or elsewhere. It's not about countries, it never was. Nation-states are a relatively new invention in the history of humankind, a mere 10,000 years or so in our millions of years of existence, and not nearly one of the better ones (alcohol and sports being far more useful). So you, freedom-loving peoples of the world, please pressure your governments to sever ties to the US and to implement economic, military, and any other sanctions against us. The more you do to hurt our government, the better off we Americans and the rest of the world will be.

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