Finished my first Stephen King novel, The Dark Half. Loved it. A little more "horrific" than Dean Koontz's stuff, but I wouldn't necessarily agree that it belongs in a "horror" genre. Categorizing books and movies in that way seems to be misleading and counterproductive for the most part.

Two recurring dreams I've remembered pieces of lately: first, there's a building reminiscent of Skowhegan Area High School, but with several levels connected by escalators, which one of my dream selves frequents. There are some shops, bars, and restaurants there but he mostly goes to parties to pick up women. He seems to be interested primarily in sex, and has had so many women he gets their names confused. I saw my cock in one of these dreams a few days ago, and it was black. In the dream, I assumed I'd gotten sunburned on that part of my anatomy somehow, but on later reflection decided that this "self" might be a black man.

In the other dream, all I remember is an unusual building or structure, the top of which is a huge sign with the face of some famous (in this particular dream-world) guy in a cowboy hat with some writing underneath. It's on the facade of maybe a 30- or 40-story building set quite a ways back from the street, and might not be a building at all but possibly just a gigantic sign made to look like one. I remembered more details on awakening but that was already a day or three ago and I've forgotten.

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