2nd day of the race I maintained my decision to attempt the Eureka Bay swim. It was brutal; I didn't know how to use the fins, they chafed my feet, and as before my drybag (a brand new SealLine) leaked, soaking my clothing and not ruining my Remington headlamp only because its battery case is somewhat waterproof. Haven't tested to see if the lamp actually still works, though.

Then tried the next part of the race without socks, not wanting to use my one remaining dry pair and likewise leery of using wet socks. But my left foot chafed horribly and was bleeding by the time I put on the SealSkinz; after an hour or so with those I finally made the wise decision to put on the wool socks, which promptly dried out and protected my feet the rest of the way to Crab Park. As mentioned before, I missed the 7:07 deadline and stopped and had a beer with some friendly people at the last green house on the right on Cannibal Island Road. It was a Steelhead, and while it's normally a little hoppy for me it went down real nice.

The final day was all on the road, the Eel River Slough crossing was cancelled. By jogging most of the way, I made it to Fernbridge well in advance of the noon deadline, and walked most of the rest of the way to Ferndale along the arbitrarily-long alternate path that had been marked off. Drank too much at the awards dinner, and/or damaged my stomach flora eating some rice that tasted sour (fermented) but actually may have been moldy, and now have a nasty cold in my throat. And I'm still burping the hamburger I ate at Boomer's in Laytonville.

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