If there need be any more confirmation of John Lennon's famous statement that the world is being controlled by psychopaths, one need look no further than Japan, which is bringing a nuclear plant back online against the will of the people and with the long-term effects of the Daiichi meltdown still largely unknown. The reactor 4 cooling system actually had a shutdown over the weekend that could have become catastrophic had it continued another 48 hours or so. Nobody in his right mind would want to continue this madness, knowing that there is no effective way to deal with the consequences of a disaster like that of the Fukushima TEPCO plant in 2011. Hence, I suspect Bilderberger involvement; these crazies don't mind at all the thought of 5 or 6 billion humans being killed over the next few years, in fact they welcome it.

In other news, I jogged about 5 miles this morning through Helen Putnam Park and met Joe and Dan for coffee at Della Fattoria.

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