Someone from the bm-wifi list just gave me the answer that I needed: instead of holding in the reset button, then plugging in POE, first plug in POE and let it fully boot. Then hold in reset until the LEDs change, about 8 seconds, and let it reboot. It will be restored to factory defaults, with an IP address of I did it; no good. But fired up windump, and saw that the Cisco Discovery Protocol packets now had the default device name in them, rather than "burningsilicon" which is what I was using last burn. Pinged and it responded! I'm good to go. WLAN0 MAC is 00:27:22:1E:FD:37, and LAN0 MAC is 00:27:22:1F:FD:37.

The other problem was corroded Ethernet terminals on the NanoBridge horn itself, and on the POE adapter. Cleaned them with my smallest slotted jeweler's screwdriver to get rid of the packet loss during tftp.

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