Trying out my 15-day-old colonche tonight. Observations so far: using vegetable oil on top as an airlock works well, as long as the presence of the oil in the final product isn't objectionable. I can't think of a way to get it all out, though just pouring it off the top worked quite well to eliminate most of it.

The glochids are not evident in what I drank so far. Perhaps they dissolved in the process of fermenting, or they remained in the fruit that floated at the top, or they're in the sediment at the bottom.

Though the fruits were orange in color, the wine is a rich magenta.

I haven't yet tried the one that I "protected" with about 1/4 cup of maltose on top. Unlike the one with the sunflower oil airlock, this had a buildup of microorganisms on top, that same dust-like growth that plagues many of my fermentation experiments. But it looks like I got most of it off along with the fruit I removed from the top. And it smells sweet and delicious.

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