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Yeah! Especially here in Indianapolis where 2 houses blew up, there is a source stating a drone was hacked, had to be intercepted by a Prowler to be jammed, and it fired 2 hellfire missles, supposedly the Army's accounting and finance buildings located here in Indy, but the Prowler jammed the signal and they deflected into a neighborhood on the southside, killing 2 people, and nearly destroying 38 homes!

Now with that said, I don't know how credible the source is, but they are eye witness accounts of people seeing and hearing what they thought was an airplane descending very quickly and crash into these homes. No plane wreckage, but would correspond with 2 missles. Plus the DHS is labeling it an LP gas leak, but LP gas isn't that volatile and couldn't destroy that many homes. And its just a strange fishy situation for us here in Indy. Seems like a cover up is going on! Dept of Transportation & Citizens Energy Group both report NO evidence of a gas leak, but DHS insists it is.

Have you heard anything about this???

Google Indianapolis house explosion.

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