Why was Alyssa Byrne not able to be tracked by her cellphone signal? If the authorities had suspected her of drug trafficking, you can bet they'd have triangulated in on her in no time.

In a recent dream there was a road with so many superfluous markings in various colors put there by road crews, gas, electric, and fiber communications companies, that it was almost impossible to see the lanes. It brought to mind an article I had read, possibly also in a dreamworld, about how bad design choices cascade to an end result that nobody wants to work on. Polishing a turd. I've worked on software projects like that. Hell, might as well admit it, most of my own projects have ended up like that.

Steamer Landing Park and the adjacent field behind Yardbirds has been mowed, and my seedlings, if any sprouted, were likely destroyed. Planted more kale and chiles in the mounds that escaped the trimming. Picked some mallow and mustard, and reaped the remainder of the prickly pear fruit.

There's a sculpture called Sir Bent at the Petaluma Arts Centre. It's a large serpent head of welded scrap over rocks and driftwood. Quite well done, in the style I associate with Burning Man.

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