About to see if this solution, upgrading udev, fixes my boot problem. Strange that the images that are lacking the proper directory in /lib/modules boot up all the way, whereas those that do have modules do not.

Also realizing my /etc/fstab doesn't have all the necessary entries that coLinux needs to figure out what to do. The normal Linux boot process somehow populates /dev and /sys regardless.

It struck me while taking a shower that the anti-gunners will start off saying "What the hell do you need semi-automatics with large magazines for? You don't need them for deer hunting." and if you answer "To fight against enemies foreign and domestic." they then say "Oh, you're going to fight our own government? Good luck with that, ha ha! Our military will squash you like a bug!" On the one hand, they realize you need parity in firepower with the military, and on the other hand they want to take away the closest thing you have to that parity. In other words, they want to give up without a fight, and they want you to do the same. Just like the Austrians welcomed their lord and savior, Adolf Hitler, convinced he would take them in his mighty arms and lead them to peace and prosperity. Mental laziness is perhaps the worst kind.

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