OK, some recent ideas, in no particular order:

Build cheap ferries with no engine, just some kind of power train that uses the cars onboard to generate the propulsion. Just fasten the front of the cars in good just in case the rollers lock up you don't get a runaway...

Saw a guy on a Kawasaki jet-ski in the Petaluma river the other day, he was fully immersed except his upper torso. That gave me an idea for some kind of amphibeous motor contraption with at least one wheel and perhaps a turbine for use in the water. On land you could have wheels attached just above the knee, holding the device in front of you or with your chest resting on it as you barrel down the road.

The Golden Gate bus advertised free wifi, and I've been able to use it in the past, but when I went to SR yesterday it gave me an IP but wouldn't redirect me to the firewall. I tried the /24 with .1 and with .254 but there was no webserver at either address.

Citizens should form posses and have magnetic stickers saying ECILOP to stick to the side of their cars. Go around arresting police for violating the laws that ordinary people have to follow but they typically do not (e.g. carrying firearms in places where they are outlawed). Humiliate them but do no harm; just help them to see what they are doing wrong.

Design some kind of steel box with electronically controlled orifices that close off air, and then force air, to preserve charcoal fuel but then bring to high heat quickly, to "cook" human excrement such that the harmful pathogens are neutralized quickly and to drive off the water, leaving only harmless powder. This would help handle the transition phase between the wasteful "shitting in drinking water" situation in which most of the world finds itself, and a better future where there is no waste and everything is reused, human "waste" being composted as humanure.

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