There was a conversation on Facebook yesterday, on Chris Lyspooner's page, about the FairTax, quoting Lew Rockwell and saying it's just as coercive and evil as the current income tax. I disagree, and I believe Lew knows better. But a lot of the respondents agreed, saying it's like comparing herpes to siphylis and other such metaphors. All or nothing. Zero shades of gray. Something I understand in 20-somethings or even 30-somethings but older anarchists should know better. We reached this sorry state we're in by incrementalism, and we'll make it better again the same way. The FairTax subsumes income tax, social security tax, and IIRC corporate tax as well, gets rid of the evil IRS and mandatory filing requirements, and by taxing only new goods and services gives you a way of opting out for the most part. And a prebate takes care of the essentials, like food, that aren't so good second-hand.

Maybe Lew was just being grumpy that day. It happens.

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