I awoke from another "work" dream, this time working for Al again. In one vignette of it, There was a little logo, "Merlot Trailways", showing a minibus and in the foreground, what looked like a long turd, though on second thought it might have been a hand-rolled cigar. I remember it from another dream as being an example of a failed marketing campaign. Another logo said "Soulless Lee" and had the black-and-white photo of a Chinese guy, digitally warped to resemble Edvard Munch's The Scream. No clue what that was about.

Another recent dream had me providing outsourced help to the USPS. They sent an installation team to put equipment in my house and I was supposed to operate and maintain it. I tried the facer-canceler and it jammed instantly; the feed belt was broken. I was puttering around with other things and hours later, when someone would be coming around soon to collect the mail, I remembered I hadn't run the machines. I went back to the facer-canceler and started it up. Of course the belt was still broken. I didn't know where the replacements were, so I asked the elderly lady assigned to me as an assistant to find out. But I realized I had failed my first night on the job. I couldn't remember what I had done that whole night.

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