Walked to Mill Valley from downtown San Francisco to save a few dollars bus fare. It was a bit adventurous; when I followed a new (to me) path from Crissy Beach, I got to a dead-end under the bridge, and rather than go back the way I came, I climbed up the rocks to a fascinating little area totally closed off to the public; had to climb a fence to get up to the bridge, right where a bunch of Asian tourists were taking pictures. They appeared a little disturbed to see a guy climbing over, where there were signs prohibiting access from their side (there were none showing from my side, at any point along which I had passed).

Then when I got to the bridge I saw pedestrians were prohibited from 9PM to 5AM. Another travesty; if motorists are allowed, pedestrians should be also. What the hell? There should always be an option for those who choose not to participate in the "money" system. We need a decent pedestrian coalition in the bay area. Maybe I'll start one.

As I was walking up Lombard, too, I came to a place where the sidewalk dead-ended, right about at the Palace of Fine Arts. Turns out if you enter the grounds of said palace, and walk past the entrance, you come out on Marina, which is just what I wanted. Of course there were no signs; if you blocked off a road with no indication where to detour, you'd have motorists up in arms. Nobody gives a goddamn about pedestrians.

There's a cherry tree partway down the hill on English Street with ripening fruits, and the birds are munching away. Got to remember to pick up some of the seeds and plant them down in the La Cresta ravine.

Anyway, got home about 2330 tired and hungry, cooked some spaghetti and had some red wine. Think I might have some more before bed.

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