From my friend Amy of Occupy Petaluma: "Maybe some of you gardening whizzes know this trick, but a few I've talked to don't so I want to share. A few of my lettuce plants were getting devoured by bugs. I'm not sure what kind, but NOT slugs or snails. A few days ago I picked some fresh rosemary and oregano and soaked them in water for 4 - 6 hours, then sprayed that water on the embattled lettuces -- on the front and back of all the leaves, and down into the center of the plant. Repeated the next day. Many new leaves have popped up since then and they are completely intact and uneaten. Not sure if my spray killed the bugs or just turned them off. The idea comes from a video I saw about a local organic farm. They had a worker from Africa who observed which plants the bugs were NOT eating, soaked some of those leaves and sprayed them on the plants being eaten. Worked for him. Seems to be working for me. Feel free to share!"

This is the kind of thinking that can unfuck the world. Observe, experiment, practice, share. Thank you Amy!

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