fun with Freifunk: got it installed on 3 routers now, only one of which has enough flash to install freifunk-recommended-en. I can't seem to figure out DHCP over OLSR; set ff_wldhcp to various things, currently, which I thought would give out IPs in the range to with a netmask of but it's sometimes giving an IP in the range of, from the upstream router, and sometimes (as now) giving me, subnet mask, which works at the moment but is useless for when I add more routers. most of the advice I see on-net is misleading or flat-out wrong. seems to be a poorly-understood part of the setup, which is amazing to me because how could networks expand without DHCP? static IP assignment is a configuration nightmare. maybe there are more knowledgeable answers in German but mine is so rusty it's painful to try and grok it.

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