spent all day trying to get dnsmasq serving DHCP over OLSR in a sane manner. the way the script parsed the ff_wldhcp nvram variable was silly, IMO, and the tooltip was misleading, indicating that the netmask should match the prefix (the number following the slash), which is incorrect and doesn't even match the example they give which has /28 and a netmask of

so I did a pretty major overhaul of that part of the startup script here and determined that the netmask specified is simply passed on to the DHCP clients as their netmask, it has nothing and should have nothing to do with the address calculation. also, the arbitrary assignment of the start address to 2 plus the network address is silly. I modified it so that the first address you give is the start of the DHCP assignments.

for example, my setting is:

root@zephyr:~# nvram get ff_wldhcp,

and my iPod was assigned an IP address of (don't know from what orifice the DHCP server pulled that last octet), netmask of as specified, and router at, the mesh router's own IP.

now to work on the two routers with 2MB flash and figure out how to get the DHCP forwarders working; there is just no room to put anything else.

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