making a tincture out of the husk of a black walnut, which I sliced up and put in a glass, pouring some cheap rum over it. about to do a liver cleanse, and should make at least a half-assed attempt to kill any parasites first.

went over to east side Petaluma at noon to do a little TV hookup job. it was just about two blocks from where I picked up some Freecycled wheat pasta a night or two ago. the guy was generous, he paid me $30 for about 15 minutes work. much better than the guy in San Anselmo the other day who still hasn't paid me anything for 4 hours of backbreaking labor.

picked up a used 6-inch C clamp at Maselli & Sons for $12 on the way home, and successfully used it to take apart that pain-in-the-ass wheel assembly from my now-deceased dirtboard, the one on which I used to ride down highway 11 with my windskate sail. now I can repurpose those wheels finally.

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