silver is definitely poised for a wild ride up, but it sure is hard to predict the day-to-day changes. it surges, then drops back due to profit-taking by the day traders or the more sinister short-selling by the banksters. anyway, I stand to profit handsomely when it happens.

got my solar panels yesterday, and measured them each at over 40VDC open-circuit voltage today. now just got to figure out a way to lug them around with me.

the tincture I made from the sliced-up hull of a single black walnut is getting stronger daily, as the rum leaches the bitter compounds out of the plant. also added some clove powder from the spice cabinet. been taking little sips here and there, it tastes pleasant but burns when it hits the stomach. I should find some wormwood or wormseed to add to it.

posted on Facebook today: "it struck me today that just about all my activist friends from both left and right support Snowden and Manning. it's the *passivists* who don't seem to care. come on, folks, this is not a dress rehearsal, it's the real thing. if you need some time out, fine, been there, done that; but please get back in the game as soon as you can. crunch time is fast approaching." I'm sure I'm still a passivist in far too many ways.

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