here's another wacko conspiracy idea that popped into my head lately: a plan to outlaw porn as a means of seizing everyone's electronic devices. the premise is this: with civil asset forfeiture already a done deal, eroded 4th amendment rights and cops' overuse of "probable cause", and the existing precedent of using kiddie porn tying these tactics together, by outlawing all forms of pornography the state could just walk into a busy coffeeshop at noon and seize everyone's laptop and cellphone. if there were no porn found on it you might get it back, possibly even intact, though everything found on it might now be in an NSA database. if they found even one photo or video that could be classified as "porn", though, you could be facing a fine or even prison time in addition to losing your electronics.

allowing Christians to take over the conservative political dialogue may have been pre-ordained, not by any god but by the elites who run the military-prison-pharmaceutical-medical-industrial complex, for this very reason.

so: no matter what your thoughts on pornography may be, be aware that any laws proposed to stop it might be detrimental to your freedom whether or not you partake.

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