to celebrate finally having a somewhat-usable bicycle after 2.5 years, I took the ever-treacherous route 101 to Novato. there is, finally, a posted detour onto the San Antonio road exit to skirt the dangerous, shoulderless bridge at the county line. But then there's an additional bike detour sign at S. A. road itself, pointing west.

eventually I got to where the shoulder just abruptly closed, with a sign and a concrete barrier. lifted the bike over that, and continued riding in the shoulder until that, too, disappeared and I carried it again over a cloth fence to the road under construction. approaching the landfill exit, a Ghilotti boss waved me down and in a friendly way told me the how to get around the next few obstacles, and said I really shouldn't be there. I told him the detour sign didn't meet the CVC requirement to prohibit bicycles and pedestrians from using a road. he said I should tell Caltrans, that he was just doing what they told him. I said I had, and that they ignored me. anyway, he said the concrete barriers would be removed in a few days and I'd have the shoulder again.

past Oolompali, another sign said the shoulder was closed but there were no concrete barriers, just those orange plastic poles. and just before the Day's Inn I saw a hole cut in the fence, so I took it and bypassed the Atherton Ave. exit. home free. I'm resting my sore butt in a soft armchair at Starbucks.

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