rode my bike out to the east end of town along Corona Creek and foraged some watercress, cattail heart, fennel, mallow, sow thistle, salt weed (Atriplex triangularis) and wild rose hips. along the way I ate some lychees that I found along Sonoma Mountain Parkway between Lynch Creek and G&G. regarding that beef heart I got for 17 cents: it was pretty stinky when I opened it, but I've got it marinating in sherry and soy sauce now, hoping for the best. it's an ecological disaster as far as packaging goes, but if it works out as food, perhaps I can mitigate my landfill footprint eventually.

my ground beef jerky finished drying today, and it's really tasty. one of my best batches yet. it'll be my travel food into Mexico.

I stir-fried my greens and chopped-up rose hips with a small clove of garlic in some beef fat I had left over from the other day. interesting taste, lots of character but I wouldn't call it tasty. and it left a strange feeling in my throat, as if I'm coming down with a bug.

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