so my silver sold basically for what I paid for it; no net profit to speak of, but I don't believe I lost anything either. just the fact that you can liquidate a few hundred or a few thousand dollars of silver online in a little over 24 hours is a win.

rode my bike to Santa Rosa today to pick up something from REI and shop around here and there. got some rooting compound for that Ilex cornuta from the NAPA Auto Parts store downtown and asked their permission to take some clippings, to which the guy at the cash register assented. and of course, restocked my Kerrygold butter at Costco.

road rage seems to be getting worse, or maybe it was just the fact that it was a Friday afternoon. only one guy blasted his horn at me, but a few tried their damnedest to push me into the curb. it looks as though they're putting in a nice wide bike lane on the repaved Old Redwood Highway but of course that will be used for lots of other things: garbage left for pickup, road signs, overflow parking, lost motorists checking maps...

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