stopped at the marsh in Larkspur to rest, take some notes, and eat some of the mandarins someone dropped on the bridge.

turns out 101 doesn't stop on Seminary, near where is a hardware store that carries the EasyKlip, so I decided to walk from San Rafael. good choice! not far south of the bus terminal I saw to the left a black chain fence like those that line bike paths. walked over and sure enough, it was the new SMART trail to Larkspur. crossed Sir Francis Drake and started following another bike path, but I asked a pleasant elderly lady if it went to the bridge and she said no, so I doubled back and crossed the bridge, where I found the oranges. so far I've also munched on some of those decorative Asian pears that people plant everywhere around here, and some rose hips.

turns out the dried blackberries don't stay sweet. the sugars might be leaching out in the rain. guess I'd better gather them, and rose hips, just after they start to dry next year.

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