there's lots of aloe growing around here. have to google how to use it as a vegetable.

also going to try tamarind beer. but don't know if it's too acidic to ferment.

thinking of trying to use a sea urchin as a hairbrush. but it might not like that idea.

I've been drying some leaves of that wild tobacco. will have to buy or make a pipe, get hold of some rolling papers, or go to a hookah bar to test it out. anyone in Baja who's familiar with a nicotine buzz want to join me? I haven't smoked since the mid 80s.

need to design and make a trailer to trike conversion kit. just needs a steerable front wheel, pedal drive, and seat.

tried a pitaya for 5 pesos today at Mercado Madero. it's a cactus fruit externally similar to tunas de nopal but internally has the appearance, taste, and texture of a miniature watermelon.

I'd heard and read that most corn products here in MX are GM from the states, but saw some blue corn tortillas at Mega today; is it probable the blue stuff is relatively safe to eat?

after foraging for greens today I cheated, stopped to have a liter of Modelo at El Parnazo. it was good but I've got quite a buzz right now.

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