walked into the desert north of town again, looking for 3 things: a place to nap, the lush green area I noticed last time, and a damiana plant. the first was relatively easy: in a place with lots of discarded tires and other junk, I put a small tire inside a huge tire, and threw a cracked plastic cistern cover on top of that: instant recliner, stuck of course in the reclined position. the green area was nowhere to be seen: probably it dried up in the interim. no sight of the mysterious damiana either. but I did catch a Passiflora in bloom. should post the photo to Facebook later.

on the way out, I saw the start of a trail, formed naturally by sandstone, and followed it up and along the hillside for a half mile or so. there was some chainfruit cholla, and I rubbed the spines of a fruit off in my hands and ate it. on the way back along the malecon I saw a couple of large eels as I approached the molinito, and a ways past that was a young Mexigeek with a hexicopter. he was going to give it one more flight but both his battery packs were low.

sitting in Cafe Gourmet now, having spent about 20 of my last 60 pesos on coffee. hope I start making some real money again soon.

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