remembered something on awakening from my siesta, the last one I'll likely have downtown for a while because Carnaval starts tonight.

in the book Rolling Thunder, the old wizard was on the train and had forgotten his pipe, as I recall. the author then observes him taking what looks like a nap, and on awakening, he had his pipe. my guess is that he just went back in time to when he was prepping for the trip, and just whispered "my pipe" to his other self; who heard it and put it in its proper place for the journey.

similar to my experience driving on the beltway that day in the late 70s on the beltway, when a voice told me "fasten your seat belt" minutes before I fell asleep and hit the median, flipping the car sideways. only that time I must have died, and my spirit went back in time to warn me. not sure how a certain path in the multiverse becomes "my" path; perhaps when one tires of life, he just takes the next easy exit. for sure with my lifestyle, I get plenty of opportunities each day.

Tom Browne's story in The Vision, of how he time-traveled and saw an Indian woman drop something in the path, then at Stalking Wolf's urging dug the article up where he saw it fall, made its mark on me. if it turns out to be a lie, I'll have to go back and re-think these analyses.

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