pissed off a friend today with a netmeme about the nazi gas chambers showing the fingernail scratches of the victims on the metal walls. I'm insensitive and disrespectful to those who survived those horrors. that may well be true.

however, who is more worthy of respect: those who saw the writing on the wall, and got the hell out? or those who kept saying to themselves that "it can't get much worse than this" right up until the end? something tells me I'd rather be in that first group, whether or not it has the moral high ground.

my physical myopia pissed off another friend once. she drove me to the grand canyon, and to me it was just another arroyo. the magnificence was lost on me, not because I didn't respect it for what it was, but because I had seen the same thing on a much smaller scale many times, and had already experienced the magnificence. that myopic conflation of scales might be characteristic of my whole pattern of thought; the minor injustices I've experienced, seen, and even perpetrated over the course of my life have already been extended to infinity and back, over and over, in my mind, and though I'll tear up when I hear of the travails of another, somehow I've experienced it on some level already.

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