drank most of my banana beer tonight, used the rest in a bread experiment, flour and mashed cooked plantain in about 50-50 proportions, with a little coconut oil and salt. the plaintain provides the sugar and already had the wild yeast. I just put it, not in the oven, but in the pyrex bowl inside a porcelain pot lined with chunks of thick tile on the bottom. when I turned the stove off I put the laptop bag I use as a "haybox" on top. after the stove cools off a bit I'll put the whole bag over the pot to hold in the heat. might have to reheat a few times before the bread bakes all the way through. if it ever does with this totally untested method.

also put one of those cones of raw sugar (I forget what they're called) in the rest of my agua de jamaica and it started bubbling in short order: it had already picked up a yeast! but I added some of the mashed platano as well, just to make sure. I'm gonna have stuff fermenting all over the place here.

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