there are lots of conclusions to be drawn from the Bundy Ranch incident, but I'm still in the process of digesting them. I've been tearfully grateful for about an hour now. I felt it was the wrong battle to pick, but a leaderless resistance picked it anyway, and trickled in by ones, twos, and small groups, until larger groups like OathKeepers got involved. and it worked; the behemoth backed down, most likely (IMO) because one of the ruling class got on the horn with Obama and said to cool it for now.

this can work. we can win the battles, and win the war, and we won't necessarily have to fire a shot. no longer can the naysayers say that American patriots (and I'm not talking flagwavers here, I mean those who believe in the freedoms that the antifederalists tried to preserve) keep shifting their "line in the sand". they said "no more free Wacos" and they meant it.

no doubt most people were unaware, or vaguely aware, of what was happening and believe that I'm indulging in my usual hyperbole. perhaps, but I've been following events for years now, and I am pretty well convinced that this is the first major battle that was voluntarily entered into by a diverse group of freedom-loving Americans who weren't afraid to die for what they believe. I say this is huge; this is epic; this is the beginning of the end for the tyrants.

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