I was a giant falling from the sky to a city below, which I thought was Boston. My feet were about 100 yards each, and I was looking for somewhere to land without any people. not finding any, I continued flying horizontally. fade out.

normal sized again, I walk into a huge Chinatown apartment building. someone hands me the mail when I get home, and I start going through it. one of the packages is a bag full of pharmaceuticals for apartment 1005. the manager had just passed by the open front door, so I took the bag and followed him. asked him "what's your name again?" and he got annoyed and ignored me. told him about the mixup and asked if I should just take it to the apartment myself; we were on the 9th floor. he said something like, "how I know you telling truth?"; now it's my turn to be annoyed. I tell him I always tell the truth because it makes my life easier. a big muscular Asian guy next to me makes a joke and I respond with something that causes him to smile. I awoke at 7:01. time to unlock the gate.

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