there was thumping reverberating through rocks on Oceanside beach. something deliberate to prevent sleeping? no, jc, take the tin hat off for a bit. just the trains.

day 5, as I remember, of my throat problem. amazingly, it hasn't gotten worse with the bad food and drink.

at 1100 or so, met Brendan at Ares and felt immediate kinship, starting with his III percent hat. got myself a late birthday present, a jigsaw puzzle of sorts.

turns out I couldn't get the $15 fare after all, Metrolink only runs rush hours. had to shell out $28 for Amtrak. got to Union Station way early, tried to sleep in the park across the street with the homeless, but sleep wouldn't come. and another sleepless night coming up unless I get really lucky and we pull into SF early enough for me to run to 5th and Mission for the last bus north.

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