going to document some more of the plant names before they get buried too deep into the Plant Identification archives. the one that looks like mullein but has small trumpet-shaped white flowers: Nicotiana obtusifolia, desert tobacco: not the same as N. glauca, "desert tree tobacco".

the viney-looking plant which can often be found close to the similar-leaved native amaranth is Boerhavia diffusa. it can sometimes be found with tiny clusters of dark purple or magenta flowers.

the tree with large clusters of green round berries that turn yellow, red, or brown before they fall is probably Ehretia tinifolia, "pinguica".

the succulent whose leaves look something like a caterpillar with dozens of legs is a Kalanchoe, probably K. delagoensis.

for the amaranth, I'm still not sure of the species, but compare to A. spinosus. the leaves look right anyway.

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