weird dream. a huge mansion where I was recuperating from a gunshot wound that took out part of my brain. nobody wanted to tell me what was wrong, but I was going down an escalator, got to the bottom and couldn't go farther and couldn't figure out why. then some woman, an officer of some sort, walked up but I could only see part of her face. I said this and a black guy behind me snickered something like "no shit". I asked, "I'm wounded?" someone said "yes". "is it my eyes?" "no". "it's my brain, isn't it?" "yes". so I said "well that's OK, it will heal."

there was more, but it's fading fast, but I was on a train and something was happening, and while it was happening the future was changing. in one future my name was mentioned in a movie as having been a hero, and in the other that never happened. this incident on the train, depending on how it played out, determined that; and I was watching and hearing it go from one to the other, fading in and out as I did or failed to do my part. remember the final fight scene in Frequency? something like that.

that part about the game, or movie, or book mentioning my name is part of a recurring dream I've had many times. whenever I say this, about recurring dreams, I'm never sure, it's just a thought on awakening, that I've dreamt the same thing many times before.

OK, going back to sleep now, just had to get that typed in.

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