figured out what I was doing wrong with those snap fasteners; not putting enough material between the joining pieces. this makes the rivet part stick out too far, no matter how hard you pound it, and those butt together and prevent the snap from working properly. so use extra material to make at least 1/16 of an inch compressed, maybe even closer to 1/8 inch. so anyway, I made another loincloth out of that piece of deerskin chamois I bought for about USD12 at Ley a few weeks back. it doesn't quite fit yet, so got to add another snap, or velcro, or something to tighten it up.

got the first pedal added to the kinetic contraption I made out of a USD100 hand truck. looks like it might work. it's a 4-way linkage that makes my foot-pushes above ground equate to push-offs on the ground. hard to explain with words, photos and/or a video should be forthcoming. got to add another pedal though, which means I have to score some more wood. already scavenged enough hinges.

it's been a week since I last abused alcohol, and I haven't really missed it since. maybe had two beers and 3 or 4 ounces of rum in the interim. it was first quarter moon last night though, so I probably should binge today whether I feel like it or not. it seems to be a working strategy.

jogged out to Mega today and bought a couple of ribeyes for dinner tomorrow, and some good-quality Italian spaghetti. got back in time to buy some veggies from the guy at the organic market. life is good.

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