since Adam Parks gave me permission to repost the blog entry he took down after the shitstorm of comments:

John Comeau: I've copied his post if anybody wants to see it. I'm debating whether or not to post it to my own blog for reference.

Adam Parks: Anna Huerta Zepaltas you couldn't be more right. I stepped in it good. My comments were hurtful to a large population. I have tried to apologize but not sure it's being heard. Sure I'm worried about my business. But I also understand how wrong my post was. Anything that hurts that many people is wrong. John Comeau post away if you want. It's easy enough to find. Sorry if I caused any of you hurt, that was surely not my intent. (facebook comments)

here is the post. note that this is static HTML and you won't be able to actually post a comment to it. for some reason all the existing comments come up twice, too, and in the interest of leaving it as I found it, I won't correct that.

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