I've probably mentioned this before, but just in case, and while it's on my mind: I'd like to set up some kind of a "telephone" for cetaceans. my original thought was full audio/video, but someone I spoke with about it said it would be a lot simpler, and more easily achieved, with just audio, which made a lot of sense. still it would require waterproof microphones and speakers underwater at each site, wired to a buoy which has a transceiver; relays to the remote; and solar power with batteries to drive everything. I'd need help from people who know dolphin and whale movements to help with placement, and funds or donated equipment. it would also be great to be able to forward both sides of the conversations to the Internet, with the eventual goal of enabling these majestic beings to have Twitter and Facebook accounts, and participate in the Internetocracy. but that can wait. one step at a time.

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