attempted my first birria de chivo, goat stew, over the past 48 hours. the first day was basically a wash because I attempted to cook it with just the heat of the sun, and didn't have enough mirrors to get it to temperature.

so starting that night, I heated it and hayboxed it 3 times, and by tonight it was ready. the meat was tender and the marrow came right out of the leg bones. however, it didn't have enough flavor. I started out with roughly 1 tbsp each of paprika and chile powder, and one tsp each of garlic powder and sea salt. later today I added more salt, and some red pepper flakes, but still it lacked zing. next time I'll either double the spices or do it right, preparing it from boiled dried peppers and grinding in a molcajete. at least I know what it takes to get the meat to where it falls off the bones.

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