I was out of the TJ airport at 1519. no hassles whatsoever. jogged/walked the highway and crossed the ravine at 1553. all 3 dogs were at the old indigenous woman's place, but none bothered me. the German shepherd was the only one big enough to worry about anyway. got to the end of the long line at 1618. when we were in the last stretch, a sign indicated 3 lanes: general, ready, and Sentri. I asked another gringo what "ready" meant and he said it was for people with passport cards. shit! I waited in line all that time for nothing. got into the building just after the rain started. no hassles here either; not a word was exchanged. through the border and exchanged money by 1704. got lost thinking I had to go west from Beyer, but not far. had bathroom and water break at Otay Park staging area at 1835. now it's 1936, I'm at McD's at 1288 Broadway in Chula Vista, and about ready for an all-night trek. I missed Ares' hours, will have to get what I need in Oceanside. bano y agua otay park 1835

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