0549 I'm at the new Starbucks at the corner of Mission Bay Dr. and Mission Bl.

I left the Chula Vista Starbucks over 8 hours ago at 2140. passed Ares at 2254, and got to Yard House at 0048. they were still serving food, so I ordered a cheeseburger and an Anchor Steam; last call came not much later so I also got a Boddington's. I took my time eating, and basically had to chug my 2nd beer since I was the last one there. left at 0138. got to the restroom across the water from the Sheraton, near the airport, at 0320 and continued through the night to here. nice place, stools outdoors, some with power. restroom numeric code is 5950. once my laptop is charged I'll look for a nice spot on the beach to sleep.

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