may have finally hit on the perfect underarm guards for my own use, with no sewing required. a total of 4 complete sets of snaps (4 each of buttons, studs, eyelets, and sockets) were needed, plus maybe a foot and a half of webbing and two socks.

seal the ends of the webbing with a lighter. wrap it around your neck and mark where one end overlaps the other with your finger. there should be at least a couple inches overlap beyond that point. punch holes through a half inch towards the end from there, and a half inch from the end. put in two sets of snaps in those holes, with the eyelets against the skin.

then snap it together, making a loop, and stretch that loop so that the eyelets are in the middle of one side. make holes at each end of that stretched loop, and again insert snaps, eyelets against your neck, but this time with the buttons and sockets in the socks. folding the socks end to end, you punch through the toe end of the sock (both sides) and one side of the entrance where the foot is normally inserted. put the button through the hole, and hammer on the socket. do that for both sides.

then fill the socks, using the hole left by the unattached side of the entrance, with baking soda. I use about 2tbsp in each. snap to the studs you made in the neckpiece, and you're good to go. if you're really muscular or fat, this won't work. you'll need to use more webbing and more snaps to stretch things to fit. but for this skinny geek, it works fine. I'm thinking of trying to sell these online for bitcoin.

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