frustrating day. went to RP and SR looking for a 3/4" NPT tap. big-box stores didn't have them, Ace didn't have them, and the counter clerk at the biggest plumbing supplier in the county, Pace in Santa Rosa, didn't even know what they are, let alone have them in stock. he recommended Grainger, after about 3 minutes of straightening him out on what I was looking for, but before I pay Grainger prices I'm going to look on eBay.

plus of course, traveling by bike and on foot, I always run into the full gamut of careless, clueless, and irate motorists who don't see or don't like cyclists and pedestrians on their roads.

finally took the bus back. the seat is about as comfortable as one can find for a diamond-frame bike, but it still is mighty uncomfortable after 5 miles or so. until I build me another recumbent I won't likely be willing to do any long trips.

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