last night's dream, as I remember it: I was on a hillside overlooking the Capitol. Bernie Sanders was there, and a black lady was expressing sorrow over what Barry was going through. apparently Michelle had divorced him and he was having a nervous breakdown. I told him that once a man hits bottom he can start to find his way up. I started leading the way up the hill, but Bernie took a left up a side street. I continued on up, towards a dark green building with twin domes.

I woke up wondering if that was a mosque. and was thinking about all the netmemes making Islam look bad, while ignoring the hatred being spread by Pastor Steven Anderson or the Westboro Baptist Church. and wondering if a world overwhelmingly Islamic could be any worse than one ruled by purportedly Christian and Jewish nations, constantly at war.

anyway, someone stuck Rudolph noses on all the deer crossing signs around the Twin Lakes area, and I can't get a certain earworm to go away. oops, sorry, now you've got it too.

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