it should be noted that, whatever the Pontificator In Chief has to say regarding the Charleston shooting, any church in which he is congregating will have a significant number of armed, trained, and aware men who would likely have terminated that little piece of shit before he squeezed off his 3rd round. did those 9 victims deserve less?

in my early dreams last night I was helping this guy learn to fly. "just think 'up'" I told him when he almost got tangled in a tree, and he made it over. we were then at a meeting or something where he was being inducted into the ranks of some kind of galactic warriors. some Israeli guy made some cliché comment about his fighters being superior, but while nobody contradicted him to his face, there was a lot of talk about how others had improved on Israeli technology and tactics. one warrior was showing me a weapon of Israeli design, some extending blade of what looked like chainsaw teeth, that by others' tinkering had been made to extend a lot longer. this seems to be a recurring dream, because I remembered the diagram he showed me of how one of the links had been shortened and re-shaped, and how a new link design based on that had been incorporated into the weapon.

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