it occurred to me this morning, as I'm sure it has to many others in the past, that one good way to get information out to the world is through the blockchain. it would be almost impossible to stop it. especially if you encrypted it with your wallet (private) key, waited for that transaction to be confirmed, then published the key in another transaction, with the message "this key decrypts my previous transmission, and since this account is now public, no further communication from this source can be trusted."

if you installed bitcoind on a new (or new to you) device that cannot be traced to you, and get rid of it after doing these two things, it would be hard for anyone to track you down. one problem would be that you'd have to buy the bitcoins anonymously, unless you could afford a mining rig.

with yesterday's purchase via localbitcoins.com, I now have 0.105BTC. combined with my massive holdings in Argentum, Americancoin, and Dogecoin, I have a whopping USD37.46 in cryptocurrencies.

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