whereas sexually transmitted disease is a serious health problem in the United States, and

whereas, early quarantining and treatment of HIV infection, and that of other STDs, is crucial to both mitigating the dangers to the individuals involved and to reducing the risk of society as a whole, I hereby create the Health Risks Reduction Agency, HRRA.

every new sexual liason must be reported, using the online form at hrra.gov, within 72 hours. if your partner has reported and you have not, you are subject to immediate arrest for failure to comply.

only by keeping a central database of STDs and everyone's matrix of sexual contacts can we effectively fight the scourge of sexually transmitted disease. we are counting on all Americans to do their part.

if you have any information at all on any individuals who may not be in compliance, call 9-1-1 and asked to be patched through to HRRA headquarters. your anonymity is assured and a reward of up to $1000 will be yours if your information leads to arrest and imprisonment.

the above is a hypothetical, but in today's political climate easily imaginable, infringement upon our freedoms which would very likely be championed by a significant percentage of the American public. when I see the arguments made by so-called Technolibertarians for mandatory vaccination, the above scenario seems more and more likely.

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