"gun" should not be used as an adjective. talking about "gun violence" as if it were somehow worse than other kinds of violence is disingenuous and dangerous. let's say you can get rid of guns, and therefore gun violence. where does that leave you? assuming the violent people are still around, which is generally a safe assumption, now they have only knives and blunt instruments with which to ply their trade; but so do you. a gun is easy for anyone, young or old, weak or strong, to use for self-defense. nothing else comes close. in a contest between you and a muscle-bound teen, both of you with a baseball bat, who is more likely to win?

another thing people often seem to overlook in gun rights discussions is other rights. many places with low amounts of private-sector violence have an overbearing police presence. here you're just substituting state-sponsored violence for that of random criminals. is that really an improvement? it may seem so to those of certain privileged classes, but to anyone who likes living freely, it isn't at all. keep your guns. protect your rights. and stop wishing "gun violence" would go away; it's the very best kind of violence for self-defense.

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